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I was super excited to get my hands on the ASICS METASPEED SKY+ before their release date.

ASICS kindly gifted me a pair to try out and put it through its paces. There was big hype about the ASICS METASPEED SKY+ and I couldn’t wait to use them. Firstly though when the METASPEED SKY came out last year, although I am an ASICS Frontrunner I struggled to get my hands on a pair. After months of waiting for them and every time I tried getting them they kept going out of stock, I managed to buy a pair in the summer.

At first I didn’t want to use them in my Triathlon races, purely because I loved the GEL NOOSA TRIs and I was running fast with those off bike. However when I used them in training I was shocked how low my heart rate was than normal when doing speed work so of course I tried them in triathlons and they became my favourite shoe for running as I seemed to be running faster after the bike part in triathlons. So after a top 9th place at the 2019 European Triathlon Sprint Championships in my AG and the fastest run, sub 17 minute barrier broken for the first time in a 5k and sub 35 minutes in a 10k all achieved with the METASPEED SKY how can this shoe get even faster? So here is my review on the ASICS METASPEED SKY+

The METASPEED SKY+ are the next generation of ASICS carbon plate racing shoes and I was lucky to have a pair before the release date on the 14th of June, where they will be priced at £225 RRP. Firstly ASICS state: The METASPEED™ SKY+ racing shoes are designed for stride-style runners who are looking to start fast and finish faster. Runners wearing these shoes will be able to take longer strides while conserving energy with each step. Thanks to an energetic midsole foam and a propulsive carbon plate, runners wearing these shoes will be able to conserve more energy while maintaining their pace at the later stages of the race.​

The METASPEED™ SKY+ features include:

  • Jacquard mesh upper improves breathability
  • FF BLAST™ TURBO cushioning improves compression and creates a responsive feel underfoot
  • Curved sole design helps runners conserve more energy in each step
  • Carbon plate guides your foot throughout your step and propels your foot forward
  • ASICSGRIP™ outsole rubber improves durability and grip
  • At least 20% of the upper’s material is made with recycled polyester
  • The sockliner is produced with the solution dyeing process that reduces water usage by approximately 33% and carbon emissions by approximately 45% compared to the conventional dyeing technology

Now onto the specifications:

  • Stack height 34-39mm
  • Drop 5mm
  • Midsole 28-33mm
  • Outsole 1.5mm
  • Weight 205g
  • Carbon plate

First impressions – the colourway I thought was very cool; I liked both colourways in the previous version. When comparing it to the first model it looked slightly more bulky however it feels super lightweight. However they do weigh slightly more than the previous model. The tongue is very lightweight and the there is plenty of breathability in the shoe with its style of material and the laces were very thin too. When looking under the shoe it has lots of rubber and it just feels super fast, so it was time to test them out and I believe, the best time to test was in a 5k race. However, I normally like to wear-in my shoes before I race however I thought I would take the punt and go for it.

Firstly I warmed up for the race and the shoes felt good on and comfortable; I noticed my heart rate was low while warming up and the bounce was very noticeable. They felt a bit above the ground compared to the previous version but when I increased the pace I found they were super responsive and felt like I was gliding along without much effort. So on to the race with the real test – as laps ticked by I was able to hold pace comfortably and feeling like I was not using much energy. On the last lap I increased my pace and they were very responsive. I managed a 6 second PB on the night and I had no problem with the METASPEED™ SKY+. What I did find is that my heart rate for the race was a bit lower, so it does save energy well.

What did I learn from this shoe? I was feeling fresher than normal after the race and when warming down I was running at a good speed at a very low heart rate; however maybe I could of pushed harder? I certainly believe that it does save energy as ASICS claim. What does that relate to in a racing environment? Well in theory you can run harder for longer and faster and you can therefore get that desired PB which I did. The toe box has more room, bounces along and is comfortable.

My conclusion is that it is a great shoe and I highly recommend it; I will be racing with these at the World Sprint Triathlon Championships in Montreal. I find the METASPEED™ SKY+ a super fast racing shoe where I didn’t fatigue as much. I raced on tired legs but I felt so strong and I was gliding along, I would only race with these or the odd speed session in preparation for a race. I really like them and wasn’t sure if they could be better than the previous model but they are and a super fast shoe.

You can check them out on the ASICS website HERE