5 reasons why running has the power to lift spirits of entire nations

There are so many reasons why you should take up running however in these tough and uncertain times I explain 5 reasons how running can lift the spirits of entire nations in these tough times.

We all know that you should enjoy your running and that it shouldn’t be a chore because you just fall out of love with it. Below is my reasons on how running has the power to lift spirits of nations.

Stress relief

Just getting out for a short run helps you destress; with many people around the world still working from home due to COVID, it’s even more important to get away from your computer and go for a run. Just getting out will help you relax and unwind, making you feel more positive.

I find that running gives me thinking time. Sometimes I don’t feel like getting out for a run as I am too stressed, but believe me if you get out they tend to be the best runs. Not only does it do the above but by reflecting and having time alone can work wonders.

Makes you happy

Running can make you happy; I am always happy when I run as it is my favourite exercise. Its purely as I can enjoy being outside. Some runs give you that runners high where you feel on top of the world. This can happen in any run whether it is a speed session or lovely long run in the countryside.

Accomplished something

Running can make you feel great and give you that sense of you have accomplished something great. Achieving a personal best gives you that feeling you can do amazing things and makes you feel great about yourself.

Make friends

Don’t underestimate the power of running, running can bring you together with people from all around the world. Running with friends is the best way to run I think, because not only can you push each other along but it’s a great form of counselling – chatting to others is very important to your mental health. I have made a lot of friends from running that will support me through life.

Enjoying the natural beauty of the countryside

What I like about running is you can just escape into the countryside and enjoy the natural beauty of the world. Taking things in and enjoying it gives you a buzz. I find running has a wow factor, you can go to some amazing spots that are not accessible if you can’t run.

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