I have learnt a lot of things since I took up this journey in 2012 and have decided to write a blog about things that might help others.

It is not all plain sailing along any journey and there will be many setbacks but also some really good times, which most of the time outweigh the setbacks. It sure is a rocky road and injuries can be a nightmare but from my experience there is no point moping around about an injury as it’s the way that you bounce back and move forward which really counts. When you first get an injury you think it’s the end of the world and you think things like ‘will I ever be able to run again’. Your mind can play many tricks with many phantom pains. In the early days when I was injured I used to sulk however these days if I get injured I firstly look at my training plan and wonder what I did wrong and correct this. I would also cross train, for example if I can run I will go pool running. It doesn’t sound too bad does it?

I find that I used to train all year round without a periodic training plan. Most people train all year round and spend much of it on the side-lines injured. I found that taking a full week off or more now and again works well and I feel like I have a proper recovery and mentally feel better and ready to train again.

Like with many things experience is the key, you learn from your mistakes over time and sometimes it’s best you make these mistakes. I know this sounds a bit odd, but when looking back at all the mistakes I made in the past I learned a lot and improved hugely. My journey began in 2012 and when starting out in any sport it is a long road ahead and when you look back you see how far you have come along. I remember struggling with Canterbury Harriers running an easy run. It does take time and you have to be patient, but at the same time remember to change your training up. If you don’t change your training up over the course of the years you might struggle with your goals. I now look back at my old plans and know that something that worked last year may not work this year, so I need to change it up.

I believe that hard work and determination is a much better trait to have then talent. I am not talented and have found over the years that working hard will pay off in life. Its easy to go into a session taking it easy but you have to remember if it is meant to be a hard session rather than an easy session. I used to run my long runs as fast as I could and suffer for days. Now I run at an easy pace and I now run quicker than I did back then as my body has become more efficient.

People can be harsh and the old saying goes, people want to know you when you are doing well and don’t want to know you when you are not doing well. Social media is a funny old thing and I have come across more and more negativity towards people because of their ability in sport. Let’s face it no one is perfect and you should be proud of what you do and do not allow anyone to bring you down. They have no right to bring you down,  let them be and ignore them.


Learning is always important as you can’t always get things right and must understand this. I have had some great races when I didn’t expect to do twell and I have had some bad races when I expected to PB for example. I used to look at what others did and wonder why I couldn’t achieve this. Looking back at this, it is the wrong mind set and do not copy someone else as you are a different person. When having a bad training session or bad race, don’t dwell on it but instead take the positives out of it, look at what went went wrong and move on from it.

Setting realistic goals are important so you can work towards achieving them and exceeding them. I like to set mini goals throughout the year to achieve.

This is also key for my World Championships race. So I am off to Denmark on the 10th of July as I am competing at the World Aquathlon championships on 12th, of course I am very excited about this but I am also very nervous.  This will be my third World Championships and although I have a target to be in the top 10 which I know will be hard, whatever the outcome I will be happy with it as I am just proud to be there and to put on the GB kit. Not only am I proud I have also been selected as the Team Captain for my Age Group again so looking forward to giving something back to the team.  So from my previous experience I am looking forward to it and I know I will enjoy the experience.

Training does take its toll and balancing it around work and a family life is hard. I am very much looking forward to getting this race done and 10 days later the National Championships. Once these are out the way I am able to concentrate on less training for a few months as I need the recovery. Don’t get me wrong I do really enjoy the training etc but a lot of people don’t rest and this is where problems occur such as injuries. Preparations have gone well, despite feeling unwell a few weeks ago and easing off training, It is always important to listen to your body. I have managed to come 2nd and 1st in my last two races so I am ready.

Mentally this is so important that I keep a right frame of mind which can be hard. People have asked me what I do before races to relax. I like to spend a day taking it easy before a major race and I normally watch motivational videos and speeches. On race day I will listen to music before the race and keep focus on my race plans.

People like quotes so I am leaving this one here “Be proud of yourself and don’t let anyone put you down”



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