Naked Runner Sol Invictus Range Review


I got to try out the new Naked Runner sunglasses the Sol Invictus range, where Naked have kindly allowed me to test and try out, so here is my review.

They come in a nice box and with a glass pouch. However I was a little disappointing the glasses didn’t come with a hard case. I am a big fan of hard cases but its not a problem and of course I am reviewing the glasses not a case.

First impressions that they were a little bulky but I like that, where they only weigh 5 grams. So this makes them feel really light. The next thing I notice were the nose pads. I have problems with sunglasses as I find that a lot of sunglasses do not fit me right or they just look wonky on me. The nose pads are adjustable, which allows them to move and adjust so they become a perfect fit on your nose. This makes them a perfect fit for me.

With the glasses being bulky I felt they made them very robust and not only did they feel great, they felt great on. I tested these on my speed sessions and my long runs which was to a max of 14 miles and I had no problems at all. In the past I had glasses start to hurt my head and dig in but I didn’t have this problem with these. I do believe these glasses will last a long time.

Next looking at the overall design and the design does make them look pretty cool while wearing them. You can also put your own prescription lenses on them too as this is a new feature that allows you to do this. Which I think is a very important feature and I am sure there is a high demand for this.

Another feature I notice when looking at their website is that the frames come in 5 different colours and there is 9 different lens shades which Is good if you like to make your own choice and not stick to a standard pair.

My only suggestion would be if you do use these for very long runs it might be better to have a rubber option around the ears. Overall I am pretty happy with these sunglasses and I think they are worth the investment.




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