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We asked Dry Bag ambassador Yiannis Christodoulou to keep us up to date with his movements this winter in preparation for a busy 2018 season. Be sure to follow him on social media to keep up with his interesting antics @yiannis.christodoulou

I’m looking forward to seeing what the 2018 season has in store, winter training is in full swing I am starting to prepare for my first Aquathlon race of the year

It still seems quite a long way away until the 2018 World Aquathlon Championships in July, race specific build up starts in April and the season will come to a close with the ETU Ibiza European Aquathlon Championships in October, my main goals are to get near or on the podium for all my races this season. With a long season ahead, my winter schedule has focused on strength and conditioning as well a lot of technique training. As is inevitable, I was hit by a nasty winter cold and a minor injury which dented my training a little.

So, what have I been doing this winter? Firstly, I got back on my bike for the first time in nearly four years, I set up my indoor turbo trainer and started working a little on the bike in order to train and compete in triathlons this season. I will enjoy these races as part of my training schedule with no pressure and will use them to cover the gap between the World and European Championships – it will be a bit of fun and something new to help keep my training fresh.

Every training session is like a jigsaw puzzle, where you put the different parts together slowly to complete the puzzle. Triathlon specific drills I have been working on in the gym are squats for strength, jumping lunges for fast muscle twitches and pull ups for core / upper body strength. Strength and conditioning work will make you stronger and prevent injuries, it can also make you faster, which a lot of people don’t realise.

I have been dedicating a lot of time to strength and conditioning, working alongside my coach Craig Coggle, we’ve steadily been building up the weights and reps. My main focus is my running, as this was an area I knew I could make gains on over the winter. I focussed on the cross-country season, where I also got a chance to use my Dry Bag putting in my wet and muddy kit from the race (I’m not kidding – swimming was involved in some races!). I am chuffed with my cross-country season, finishing 11th overall in the league which is an improvement of 5 places from last year. Good vibes all round.

Realising the benefits of a strength coach, with the support of The Dry Bag I also started working with swim coach John Wood. I was buzzing to try something new and his coaching style is completely different to anything I have done before. I don’t come from a swimming background so have always struggled to pull together structured training programmes in this discipline. Since working with John I am really enjoying swimming, every session is different and I am starting to see good progress in my times. Swimming is an area I must improve so that I can achieve my goals and get near that podium this year. I swim four times a week and the intensity has increased, being part of a swimming club forms one of my sessions, they’re a great bunch of people and it makes training enjoyable and varied.

I cannot wait to see how the extra swim training and strength sessions improve my performances in 2018. Hard work pays off and keeping your training fresh is important. Follow me on Instagram to follow my progress this year: @yiannis.christodoulou

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