Building for Mexico


 With Mexcio just under 6 weeks away I turned to my target race of Whitstable Surf N Turf on the 31st of July. Training has been tough in recent weeks, perhaps not enough rest in between the Euro’s and too much racing. With a minor leg problem in training recently it has been a struggle to be able to push it in the run and Ii have felt like my running form has dipped.

Due to the race being a local race for me and just down the road, I was really looking forward to it and was very excited. Before I even got to the queue to register, someone came up to me and congratulated me for my European result which was nice. I then registered and took my bits to transition with quite a few people coming over and congratulating me and speaking to me about the Euro’s.  I always like a good chat and helping others; I felt like a local celebrity. I went into transition and met some locals.


The race consisted of a 400m sea swim followed by a 5k run, which was some of the Whitstable Park run route. The sea was choppy and I got into the sea pumped up and ready to go. For some reason I was very excited about this. The swim started and it was very choppy after a few minutes; it appeared to me that I was swimming on my own. Towards the end of my swim I pushed on and came out the sea to find out that I was 1st out, not the normal routine for me, so I was happy about that. I then raced up the hill to transition where a person was cheering my name – thanks for the support whoever you were!

I started the run fast and unlike in other races I had no one to chase which mentally can be tough; after a mile I discovered my leg was bothering me but I kept pushing on. I had an Adalta team runner, who was part of a team effort, shoot past me and at this point I realised this was not going to be my fastest 5k run. I started to struggle but raced up the final hill, had a look around and no one was there. So I eased off to the finish line to come home comfortable in first place, nearly two minutes in front of the next competitor. This is my 2nd win overall and 2nd win of the year! I was over the moon because I love my local events and grew up in the area. It was nice to see so many people supporting the event and supporting me and cheering, I really appreciate this. I will be back next year to compete!


So what’s next for me? Picking up a niggle can be annoying however I am going to rest a week from running and concentrate on my swim and strength. It’s just 6 weeks now to Mexico and I am now ready to build for it. I have two Aquathlons and then Mexico. So not a lot of racing and hopefully plenty of training. My proud Dad in the photo below.


So what did I think of the race this year compared to last year?

I think Active Life Ltd, Giles and Elliot got the race spot on this year. After last year’s complicated route and people missing laps and being sent the wrong way, the race was a slightly different route. The one lap route of Parkrun was much better and all the marshals knew what they were doing this year. The whole race was much better and is one of my favourite races now. Good work guys! Keep it up for next year!

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